Having a disability, like cerebral palsy, has a limiting effect on participating in normal activities. That doesn't mean, skipping fun activities, it simple means that by applying a little creativity FUN things CAN happen. Obviously everyone's situation is unique, care, and often medical advice, must be given in chosing appropriate avenues to follow. Kassie, for example, has difficulty walking, so she learned to swim. In the water she's on a level playing field with everyone else. So she set a goal - to find a form of therapy that incorporated water. The results were incredible.

Kassie with Dolphin

Kassie went swimming with the dolphins!! Through the Dolphin-Human therapy program in Key Largo, Florida Kassie spent time getting to know 'Squirt', who was her week long dolphin partner. Lou, her therapist, worked on stretching exercises and muscle coordination with Kassie in between sessions with 'Squirt'. This program has had remarkable success in dealing with physically challenged, and autistic young people.

Therapy sesion with dolphin

Helping special needs children and their families is our #1 priority of the Dolphin Human therapy program. The program is located at Dolphin Cove in Key Largo and is headed by David Nathanson, Ph.D.

Interviewed for the special needs video 'Given A Chance..a little girl's journey' Dr. David Nathanson talked about the therapeutic value of interacting with the dolphins:

"The kids love looking at the dolphins, love touching them, love listening to them, love interacting with them. All of that helps to improve their attention span and more importantly the psychological end of it, the confidence boost that the kids get when they work with the dolphins, they see they can do things they normally wouldn't do. That has terrific carry-over so the dolphins work as a wonderful and pleasurable reward and stimulus actually also."

Kassie has found other creative ways of dealing with her disability and will share them with you in the coming weeks. So please check back frequently.