It takes a special family to consider adopting a 'special needs' child.

Gaylynn Thomas

"Basically when people are asking for a child with special needs, what they're saying is they have more to give than just the normal things that go with parenting they want to help a child who needs a little extra something. This soul of this child is waiting to blossom, and all they need is a family to help nurture that and bring them into this being that they have the potential to become and if no one takes on that challenge look how many wonderful human beings will never reach their potential and I think when families really feel that connection with their ability to bring hope and to bring life and to bring growth to a child then many of their hearts open and they take on these kids, and they're happy that they've done it."

With three grown children Laurel Martinez & her husband did something special, they adopted a little girl with 'special needs' and her brother.

"You know what I encourage people to do all the time is to think of the child first and the disability second. I mean they're children first, so the joys that come with any child come with a child with special needs.... I would just encourage people to consider the joy that a child can bring with special needs, and the challenges are there, and you can't lie about that - there are challenges."

Some of the people making a difference.

Both Gaylynn Thomas and Laurel Martinez are featured in the educational video "Given A Chance...a little girl's journey. Ms. Thomas works for the Westside Children's Center in Los Angeles. The organization helps recruit and train foster families to care for the many children needing temporary homes. Finding loving and nurturning families is the goal. Often there are physically challenged, or other special needs kids that need 'special families' to take them in. Families that have 'a little something extra' to give to the child that needs medical attention or specialized care.

Laurel Martinez and her husband raised three children, all were grown when they decided to 'give back' for the good fortune they'd experienced with their kids. They wanted to adopt, and found Leah in a foster home. She had problems walking -- and she had a brother!! So they adopted them both!! They call it the best thing they've ever done. Having a special needs child presents challenges, but those challenges are not insurmountable. You'll meet Leah, Laurel and Gaylynn in the educational video "Given A Chance...a litle girl's journey".